About us

Who Are We?
We’re LÖVVE Beauty.
愛’ /ài/ is a Chinese character that means love. In the center of the character is the word “heart.” This beautiful character carries a tremendously loving, pure, and joyful energy. It’s this beautiful energy and desire to put something good out into the world that gave birth to our brand.
What Do We Do?
We’re based out of Los Angeles, CA, creating high-quality, boutique-style skincare.
Our focus is on creating effective holistic products that deeply nourish and are gentle on the skin. We carefully pick natural, unrefined, and non-chemically processed ingredients to retain the component’s original color, scents, and nutrients.
What Sets Us Apart From Other Skincare Companies?
Our formulations are created by a qualified acupuncturist and Chinese herb practitioner who have a thorough understanding of the human body, skin, and the healing properties of plants.
We don’t add perfume or synthetic fragrance to our products, and they are paraben, sulfate, and silicone-free!
Our products are always handcrafted in small batches in-house. After your order, we freshly prepare your chosen products to ensure optimal freshness and effectiveness.
What Is There Not to LÖVVE?